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JJ Otero

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Creating their own style dubbed “Native Soul Rock,” the music of Saving Damsels is a rich blend of rock, soul, country, bluegrass, blues and Latin. It’s been described as earnest, honest, and original—the music of the people. Saving Damsels has been hailed as one of the best bands in Albuquerque and are guaranteed to be crowd pleasers.

Saving Damsels got its start in Spring 2007 when lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist J.J. Otero (Navajo/Hopi) strapped a guitar across his chest and put to music his lonesome story of having done a good woman wrong and broken up a home. Accompanied with other introspection and more songwriting, Otero soon had a collection of “earnest, honest, and original” songs and set about collecting a band.

Through mutual friends and other connections, the band slowly began taking shape and today consists of members:

J.J. Otero / Songwriter, Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitar
Joe Pacheco / Bass
Chuck Hawley / Lead Guitar
Doug Bellen / Keyboards
Bob Hubbard / Drums

Otero, who has played the guitar for nearly 25 years, says the band is a dream come true—one he may not have appreciated as much had this happened in his late teens or early twenties.

“I appreciate what music means as an individual so much more,” says Otero. “It’s a soulful experience anytime I’m playing music or on stage and there’s more of a relationship with the audience through music—as a kid I wouldn’t have understood that relationship. And that understanding has led to some overwhelming emotional responses from our audience.