George Lynch is one of the most recognizable names in the world of rock guitar. Grammy nominated, with a career spanning more than thirty years, George has recorded over twenty albums with bands such as Dokken and Lynch Mob. He has toured the globe many times, and is the one of the most recognizable endorsees of the world’s finest guitars and equipment. The passion George has for the plight of the American Indian and social and environmental justice and to explore that story through film and music is boundless. He feels as though the paths of his life have led to the moment of creating this unique and important documentary.

Gregg Analla-Vocals

A Pueblo Native American from Albuquerque, New Mexico from the tribes of Isleta and Laguna respectively. Clans: Eagle, Lizard, Parrot, Black Eye.

Gregory has been a working artist in both Music and art since childhood. His father Richard Analla was deeply rooted in both Graphic arts and traditional arts and his mother was involved in music and bands in her teens. Both were vocalists singing in choirs and pop bands at the time. Gregory’s Grandfather Ramon Zuni – a highly respected tribal leader both religiously and also in the tribal government systems (including being Tribal governor for two terms) was also noted for contributing his vocal abilities through traditional native songs that can currently be found in pueblo archives recorded on the old wax cylinders used in that era. Unknowingly, Gregg early on, had embraced both of these attributes and eventually evolved into the person he is today.

Music and art have always been a forefront for Gregory and he continues to push these boundaries presently. A renowned painter, he has continued to contribute to the native art world, with his instantly recognizable “textured” painting style which was derived from our ancestors and depicts the lost iconic art of these predecessors in the works they assembled in the ancient petroglyphs and cave art continuously studied throughout history. His sculptures embrace more of a modern edge and he uses this style to inspire younger artists to push the envelope in their endeavors as modern day creators. Music has always been a passion for Gregg.

A drummer and bass player at heart, his journey eventually led to a career as a vocalist. “I thought everybody could sing!” was a statement heard from Gregory, but as he soon learned it was definitely a gift from our Creator. Flash to current day. Gregg has had a history of singing and touring the world with bands for the past 15 years and has contributed vocals to a myriad of projects. Some of the musicians he has worked with include: David Walker; Savoy Brown, Chris Minto: Producer; Kiss, Sammy Hagar, Michael Wagener; Producer, Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z; Producer/Guitarist, Mark Zonder; Drummer extraordinaire; bFates Warning et al, bRay Luzier; Drummer–Korn, Jeff Young; Megadeth et al, Wayne Findlay; Micheal Schenker Group, Gary Wehrkamp; Shadow Gallery.

Bands. Hooligan, 9.0, SeventhSign, Tribe of Gypsies, SLAVIOR, TwoThirtySeven, S.E.T (someone else’s tomorrow) more, but too many to mention.

Gregory has also been an outspoken advocate of Native American issues. He has generated both positive and negative responses through such actions from both the outside world AND various tribes - but continues to strive for the betterment of his native brethren. …”there are very many daunting issues regarding the plight of the modern Native American. History can attest to that. My hope is to raise awareness to these issues that are still currently affecting us, and to hopefully get people to recognize a lot of things that - have been - and are currently being swept under the carpet. – Unfortunately, these things are happening right here – right now - TODAY in our own beloved land of America! We need to rectify these issues and make things positive and right for our future generations.”

Gregory is proud to recently have been asked to be a part of another resounding voice in this never ending quest:  ShadowTrain.

“When I first saw the video and heard what these guys were doing I was definitely inspired! – I had to let them know that I wanted to do whatever I could to contribute – and that brings us to current day… I hope that the energy I can ultimately lend to ShadowTrain can make a difference to our Native people here in the United States – well, not only here, but to indigenous tribes everywhere on this planet… the story of the “Shadowtrain” was that it was a means of rescue. And I hope that ultimately we can be that means.”

Gabe Rosales-Bass

Gabe is a veteran bass player who started his explosive career off at age 19 with legendary George Lynch's Lynch Mob, has made a name for himself working with the greatest in the music industry from Jennifer Lopez to Andy Summers of The Police, from members of Cypress Hill to drum virtuoso Dave Weckl. Local to the southern California area, he has lived through the stereo typical extremes of a touring musician from meditation schools to riots in jail and in 2007, he became immersed in activism. He took a vow of sobriety, released a solo album and started utilizing his talents making music with a message to bring awareness to injustice. Gabe Rosales works with the youth, as well as with many activist organizations including Afrika Bambaataas Zulu Nation, Anti Injustice Movement, and indigenous peoples rights group Guerrilla Republik.

Being part of the Shadowtrain crew is a perfect niche for Rosales as he studies and educates others on a daily basis about the history of this nation and the native american genocide that is still not substantially recognized by many leaders in the political realm. Reconnecting with old friend George Lynch is an honor for Rosales and on this platform, amazing things are going to come from it.

In Gabes own words: Shadowtrain is exactly what I want to be doing at this point in my life because as I see it, without the knowledge of history and truly bringing to life the reality of how this country was founded, we are dooming our children to live a lie and perpetuate the same unfettered capitalistic mentality. This isn't to ask for pity, its to show the world how the toxic ideals of early European society which emphasized property ownership and accumulation of wealth, was injected heinously into a civilization that lived with sustainability in mind. We desperately need to come back to this sustainability with the planet if we are even remotely concerned with our children. I'm honored to have this opportunity.

Donnie Dickman-Keyboards

Surfer, musician Donnie, moved to Hawaii to play with twelve time Grammy award winner, bassist, Benny Rietveld of Santana and Miles Davis, as well as Rock And Roll Hall of inductee Papa J, Jerry Martini, of Sly and the Family Stone. Donnie shared the stage with Missing Persons and Pat Benatar in the 80s. Donnie has written music for film as well as commercials and continues to write and play music with various artists.

On ShadowTrain:

“I’m proud to be a part of the Shadowtrain project. There’s not a more passionate, prolific group of people to be in a band with. Listening, learning, searching for truth and solutions for a better life here on Mother Earth is a necessity now. We need to hear our Native American sisters and brothers, finding the balance that works for all things, equanimity, honor and respect is the key. Humans have the power to destroy or preserve our Mother. I look forward to share this musical experiment with everyone.”